Frequently Asked Questions

dowling properties in Davis CA

a property managed by Dowling Properties

Why choose Dowling Properties?

At Dowling Properties, we care about the properties we manage. We regularly view our properties to make sure they are maintained and well cared for. We understand that your rental property is an important asset and we make sure it is treated as such.

How do we choose tenants?

We review our comprehensive application, run credit checks and call prior landlords for references to assure prospective tenants are qualified.

How do we advertise your property?

Our main advertising focus is the Dowling website. We do run ads in the Davis Enterprise, The Aggie and Craigslist. We also get a lot of referrals from past and current tenants.

What am I paying for when I hire Dowling Properties?

You are paying for licensed, trained professionals to secure qualified tenants, manage and maintain your property, pay the bills and provide you, the owner, with an accurate statement of income and expense on a monthly basis.

I am a renter, where can I find your rental application?

Use this link to download a Rental Application (PDF download)

Use this link to download a Co-Signer Application (PDF download)

I am a current tenant, where do I mail my rent check?

Please mail your rent check to Dowling Properties, PO Box 75000, Davis Ca. 95617

I am a property owner, where can I find your Management Application?

Use this link to download a Management Agreement (PDF download)