dowling properties in Davis CA

a property managed by Dowling Properties

Let Dowling Properties give you the gift of more time in your already busy life.

Taking care of a rental property is a lot of work. We know this because we do it as a team everyday. Managing a property alone is even more work and can rob you of precious time.

Take advantage of our services and route the calls from your tenants to us. In fact, turn all the responsibility of your property over to us and we will help you retain and increase the value of your investment. At Dowling Properties that is our job.

Our services include but are not limited to :

Advertising & marketing of the vacant property

Screening of applicants, including checking of credit & prior references

Collection of tenant deposits & fees

Contracting of services for repairs & maintenance

Semi-annual inspections of exterior & interior of property

Collection of monthly rent and, if applicable, city services from tenants

Remittance of mortgage, property taxes, & home insurance, if desired

Provide a monthly itemized owner's statement with proceeds

Deposit of monthly proceeds into a local bank, if desired

Provide an Income Statement & IRS Form 1099 at the end of each year