Tenant Application

For tenant application forms please use the following link.
Application fee $40.00 per applicant
Cash or check (Payable to Dowling Properties)

Tenant application approval, without a guarantor, is based on verifiable income as well as a credit history check. Please submit documentation with your application that shows income such as your two most recent pay stubs, a job offer letter or a University Award Letter, or a Schedule C Tax form. Applicants who are not working full time and/or do not have any credit history will most likely require a Gurantor.

Guarantor Application

For the Guarantor application form please use the following link.
Guarantor Application Fee $20.00/each
Cash or check (Payable to Dowling Properties)

Holding Deposit

You can ensure first priority for renting a home by submitting a holding deposit with your applications.

Holding Deposits are $200. Once received, we take the property off of the market while we process applications. If your application is not approved for any reason, you will get a full refund on your deposit. If for any reason you decide not to rent or lease the property that you are applying for, your holding deposit will not be refunded. Upon application approval, the entire holding deposit is credited to your security deposit.

$200.00 Cash or check (Payable to Dowling Properties or DDD Partnership depending on the property; please call/email to confirm).

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 75000
Davis, CA 95617